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San 8, Wollim-ri, Hallim-eup, Jeju, Jeju Island,South Korea

The ma park

The ma park

The great conqueror
Kwanggaeto the great

The most significant nation-state in Korean history, Kwanggaeto the Great, the great hero who ruled the northern continent of China!!
Stories about moments of the most brilliant triumph in history will cross the wall of the past 2,000 years and unfold.
We invite you to relieve Kwanggaeto the Great’s turbulent life that would unfold at The ma park, the world’s first theater for the horse-riding performance.

Act 1: The Chaotic Age
About 340 B.C, the greatest war of chaos has begun to find the ruler of vast territories!
Goguryeo remains at war against Former Yan in the north and Baekje in the south.
The three-legged crow flag knows the flow of history ahead. Now, the destiny of all wars will be ruled over by the three-legged crow flag.

Act 2: The Birth of a Hero
Future heroes who will put an end to the war are rising as the chaotic war continues.
Two great heroes of the future!
The two sons of king Kogukyang of Goguryeo, Kwanggaeto the Great, and his brother, Damjang.
They are both qualified to be king.
However, they grow up to become fine young men without knowing their mixed fate.

Act 3: Crossroads of Fate
Two men who want to be heroes before being brothers. A man who opens a new world for Goguryeo!
He is Damdeok.
Prince Damjang who acted against his fate and left Goguryeo.
There is only one sun in the sky, and their war of fate begins.

Act 4 : The duel of Fate
Prince Damjang who acted against God’s will and left Goguryeo.
He eventually joins hands with Baekje, the enemy of Goguryeo, and tries to change his fate with the power of blood.
However, how can a mere mortal possibly change God’s firm will?

The most significant nation-state in Korean history, Goguryeo!
Kwanggaeto the Great, the great conqueror of the vast and endless continent.
He came to us today as a greater hero with the “three-legged crow” flag.

The ma park horse-riding show video

Jeju Island is called the Hawaii of Asia. Jeju Island is the largest island in South Korea.

What to See and Do

The natural beauty of the Jeju island has a unique and mysterious figure that can not see another area of South Korea. Sea of Jeju Island is distinctly different from the mainland. No matter how glamorous that doesn’t get enough of to go sea of Jeju Island

Eating and Drinking

Black pork and noodle with pork is special. Seafood also is very famous. Jeju Olle-soju from Jeju can taste only in Jeju Island

Where to Stay

Jeju Island has a lot of comfortable accommodation. But, Area Selection is critical. We recommend a location close to the airport whenever possible. Of course, we respect your choice. Please note that the outside of Jeju city downtown is subject to an additional charge. In particular, the Seongsan area will incur an additional charge of 50,000 KRW.

How to Get Around

There is no subway or train on Jeju Island. Uber is illegal to service in South Korea. For foreigners, taxis and buses are useful for transportation. Car hire can also be a great alternative.

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