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Jeju Travel, Best Destinations in the World

Jeju Travel, Best Destinations in the World

Jeju Travel, comfortably and safely with Jeju local partner, Jeju Travel Lucas !!
There is no better gift than travel when it comes to rest and tired body and mind in the city.
Why don’t you spend some time relaxing in Jeju, called Hawaii in Asia?
 One of the essential things when planning your trip is your destination.
Jeju Island is a beautiful island where UNESCO natural heritage and UNESCO Geopark coexist.

seongsan ilchulbong peak

UNESCO natural heritage, Seongsan Ilchulbong peak

UNESCO Geopark, Yongmeori coast

One of the most common mistakes that foreigners make is that they make their stay in Jeju trip too short compared to Seoul and Busan.
Jeju Island is an island with a lot of attractions that require a minimum of four nights and five days.
You will need at least four days to explore the east, west, south, Mt. Halla or Udo.

Oedolgae rock

Jeju Island takes at least two hours to travel from east to west.
So mixing east and west courses a day is not the right choice.
When coming to Jeju, the first thing travelers should check is their air ticket.
If you’ve solved the air ticket issue, nothing can be an obstacle.

UNESCO Geopark, Jeongbang Waterfall

As one of the most visited tourist destinations in South Korea, accommodation can be booked to suit your budget.
Except during peak season (from the third week of July to the second week of August)
The accommodation can be book to suit the budget of the tourist. Whether you book directly through the hotel, Whether you use an online platform, that’s entirely up to you.
The last thing left is the vehicle. Jeju Island does not carry subways or trains.

The only way to get there is by bus, taxi or rental car.
Jeju Travel Lucas offers a full range of transportation options.
If you choose to illegal drivers to save money, you may see massive losses.
Jeju Island has illegal crackdowns all year round.
In extreme cases, illegal drivers leave their customers and even run away.
In this case, what about your Jeju trip?
Just imagine it will be embarrassing.

To save your money and your time, the illegal business must avoid.

How can We distinguish between illegal and legal?
Legally, all license plates are yellow. If you have a white or blue license plate, ask for a travel agent’s permit.

Regular taxi

Jumbo taxi

Only travel agencies can use white and blue plates. Even for travel agencies, the reservation for the rental car must be in the name of the customer.
If you use a vehicle in an illegal business location, you will not be entitled to any compensation or insurance in the event of a traffic accident.
Because private business acts cause the insurance company to refuse to pay the premium.

Currently, the most significant feature of illegal business in Jeju Island is making money through shopping. Can your Jeju trip be a pleasant one when you have no choice but to do it?

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